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 I offer powerful, in-depth coaching to build awareness, empowerment, and live a chronic condition-free life.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung

My coaching philosophy, based on my training as a Certified TMS/Mindbody Syndrome Coach, and my own personal experience with chronic pain, rests on three pillars:

1. Educate (Mind)

Learn about TMS, explore limiting beliefs, and assess that your pain may not be from injury/pathology

2. Awareness (Spirit)

See with clarity. Generate curiosity around your symptoms, and understand the mindbody approach. See what emotions and thoughts you’ve been repressing and courageously and compassionately work with it. Go deep within to understand who you really are.

3. Action (Body)

Take consistent actions to induce relaxation, become more self-aware, process emotions, and develop self-compassion. Over time, change the old programming of stress and anxiety and step into a new you.

Working with Alec has helped me feel confidence that mindbody work has given me my health back from chronic fatigue and helped me live a much more full life again. 

I’ve witnessed many therapists and coaches in my work, and Alec is a natural.

- Lucy F.
Perhaps you’re living a restricted life now, and your goal may be to become pain free.

But through our sessions, something else will happen along the way. Your consciousness will change.

You’ll realize that your body is so much stronger than you ever thought possible.
You’ll realize the limitations you’ve been placing on yourself are all in your mind.
You’ll have the opportunity to age with grace.
You’ll realize you’re capable of more than you can imagine.
Silhouette Photo of Woman Against during

I can honestly say that in the 8 weeks I have been working with Alec, I have experienced a significant shift in my life.

Alec's approach has helped me to overcome my blockers and now be on the path I want to be on. I enjoy our sessions thoroughly. ”

- JoAnne K. 

Who Coaching with Alec is For:

My coaching program is not for everyone. I look for individuals who are:

  • Open-Minded: To new ideas, and believe there’s hope.

  • Active Players: Those who are committed to being an active player in their lives, not passive participants

  • Willing to go deep - Change can be uncomfortable. But that’s where growth happens. Be willing to go deep - especially when it’s scary or uncomfortable.

  • Commit - To do the work necessary to make deep, personal change. I can’t help you if you don’t do the work.

  • Fun - This work can be fun, spontaneous and creative. I look for clients to bring an optimistic attitude. Not that everything is positive & awesome, but that it can and will get better.

Who Coaching with Alec is Not For:

If you fit into any of the below categories, my coaching is probably not for you:

  • Those who want to keep playing the victim card. Yes, we all do this on occasion. But if you refuse to take responsibility for your life, and simply believe you can’t change, then this program isn’t for you.

  • If you’re looking for a procedure, pill, or physical treatment to cure you, this is not it. Coaching requires your active involvement, being comfortable with discomfort, in order to take control of your life.

  • Those who are close-minded. If you aren’t open to the idea that something psychological can be causing your pain other than the physical diagnosis you’ve been given, then this isn't for you.

"I am behaving and changing in very welcomed ways I would have not otherwise, had it not been for a coach in Alec.”

My coaching experience with Alec has been transformational.

- Bob O. 

Those who embark on this coaching journey yearn to be self-empowered.

You are not responsible for what was put into your life when you were a child, when you were young.

But you are responsible for playing the hand you’re dealt.

There are some people who just want to manage their symptoms. Just want to get by.

Then there are those who want to completely break free. Those who refuse to accept a restricted life and will do what it takes to become chronic-condition free. Is that you?

If so, let's chat.

Claire Hallstatt

"Alec's coaching has enabled me to remain adaptable, mindful, and fully present showing up as my best self through exciting, challenging, and pivotal career moments. ”

Coaching with Alec has fundamentally changed how I decide where to spend my time.

- Luke W.

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