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Alec Talks TMS / Tension Myositis Syndrome Recovery with SIRPA Founder Georgie Oldfield

Check out my recent conversation with Georgie Oldfield, Founder & Managing Director of SIRPA UK, a world leader in helping chronic pain sufferers break free from their pain.

I talk about my recovery from TMS (tension myositis syndrome) as well as my recent experience running a marathon without training in order to inspire chronic pain sufferers that our bodies are stronger than we can imagine.

Here's an excerpt:

"I discovered TMS/Mindbody syndrome and made a full recovery with my back… but then proceeded to get an array of other symptoms: shin splints, wrist pain, insomnia, shoulder pain, big toe pain etc. Those symptoms only subsided when I started to look inward and work through my perfectionism, people-pleasing and low self-esteem. It was a hard journey, but I’m proud to say that I’m pain free today and have come through with the belief that my body is so much stronger than I could have imagined. Though my racing days are over, I returned to cycling. I’m also discovering what my body is truly capable of.

Check out my Tension Myositis Syndrome / TMS recovery story here:

P.S. Georgie wrote an amazing book on recovery from chronic pain called Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery. Check it out here.

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