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Listen to Alec Kassin on the Pain Free Athlete Podcast with Dana Jones

Updated: Apr 24

I recently had the privilege of being a guest on the Pain-Free Athlete Podcast, hosted by the amazing Dana Jones.

When I told Dana the name of my recently-launched Pain Free Comeback Program... I knew we'd click!

Dana and I embarked on a deep dive into challenges that many athletes face: navigating chronic pain.

Our conversation revolved around the transformative power of mindbody principles - the very ones that guided me from debilitating back pain to a life free of chronic pain - and how they apply to athletes.

We touched on the launch of The Pain Free Comeback Program, the profound impact of mental and emotional stress on our physical well-being, the surprising neuroscience of chronic pain, and the journey of rediscovering our identity amidst adversity.

My hope is that anyone who is feeling stuck in their challenges with pain can find inspiration in this conversation - whether you're an elite athlete, an active person, or just curious about building resilience.

Join us in exploring the depths of pain and the peaks of recovery, all woven together with real-life insights and experiences.

Available below, and wherever you get your podcasts.

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