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Get inspired by real stories of real breakthroughs

"As soon as I started working with Alec, my recovery took off"

George Hoffmann
Triathlete - Team Every Man Jack
Los Angeles, USA

George Testimonial Photo.jpg

Meet George, a dedicated triathlete who battled two years of relentless chronic pain, plaguing his ankles, knees, shoulders, back, and elbows, hindering both his athletic performance and daily life. Once we started to work together, George's journey to recovery skyrocketed. Within months, he eliminated his chronic pain, surpassing his previous level of performance with newfound confidence. Redirecting the energy once consumed by pain towards his passion, George's remarkable transformation, both physically and mentally, remains an enduring testament to his resilience and ongoing growth.

Click the video above to hear from George in his own words!

"I was able to go from not being able to walk more than 30-40 steps to walking over 13,000 steps without pain in less than 3 weeks! I can’t believe this transformation can happen. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on my health!"

Nune Sargsyan
Kentucky, USA

Enduring two years of debilitating groin pain, Nune's world was constrained to mere steps, robbing her of the joys of dance, basic errands, and visits to her loved ones despite exhausting every medical avenue. Our paths converged shortly after her hip replacement, amidst lingering discomfort.

In just three weeks, Nune underwent a staggering metamorphosis. From the agony of taking a mere 30-40 steps, she emerged triumphant, conquering 13,000 pain-free strides. Soon, she reclaimed her ability to journey internationally to visit her family, bolster her self-assurance, and even enhance her sleep quality.

Watch the video above to witness Nune's awe-inspiring transformation!


"I did not expect to be able to run, exercise, and live fatigue-free again!" 

Edel Jordan
Coach & Entrepreneur


Edel suffered from a severe bout of chronic fatigue, which started in 2016, and included 6 months in bed. Years later, she improved to the point of being able to work again, but she felt constrained - she needed to rest, and schedule her day to avoid fatigue. She thought that would be her ceiling. But within 3 weeks, she was running and strength training, able to live life freely again. Edel's confidence levels "skyrocketed" as she learned that she's in control, able to feel her emotions and sit with them instead of pushing them away, and returned to the essence of who she was - a strong and brazen woman. 

Click the video above to hear from Edel in her own words!

"After not being able to walk for 5 minutes without stopping because of pain, I'm now doing 15 mile family hikes again. It's the best investment I've made since seeing Eckhart Tolle live!"

John Kenny
Scotland, UK

Meet John, who endured nearly three decades of chronic pain in various parts of his body including his ankles, shoulders, knees, neck, and hands. When we started working together, John struggled to peel a single carrot or swim more than 10 strokes. He needed special modifications to his car, and had to use the airport assistance line whenever he flew. 


John's transformation was truly dramatic. Within weeks of working together, his pain started to decrease and the stories about what he believed his body was capable of fell away. Within months, he unlocked a newfound level of freedom in his body, embarking on hour-long runs, all-day hikes, and mile-long swims. Now largely pain free, his physical feats continue to push the boundaries of what the human body is capable of. 


Click the video above to watch our interview and learn how John achieved what seemed impossible. 


Are you an athlete/active person who is...

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Ultimately, chronic pain creates a restricted, fear-based life. 

"After suffering with migraines for 15 years, I've learned to stop them in their tracks."

Claire Joyce


"I had suffered from migraines since I was a teenager. I believed something was physically wrong with me, and was always fearful of when my migraines would strike again. Over the course of a month’s coaching with Alec, I learned what truly triggered my migraines - not my perceived allergies - but my repressed emotions. The transformation has lasted - it's been well over a year since I took a painkiller for a migraine. I was very resistant to this entire concept at first, but with Alec’s initiative and empathetic approach, I choose to trust myself and be curious about my physical sensations and pain. Trust your curiosity, too.”

Claire Halfdome_edited.png

"In just a month, my debilitating back pain decreased significantly!"

August - Malkie Rothman.png

Malkie Rothman

New York City, USA

I began working with Alec after seven months of debilitating back pain from two herniated discs -- and no relief from physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, etc. Despite uncertainty about a mind-body approach, I figured I had nothing to lose. I am so glad I went for it. I gained valuable insight into the connection between thoughts/emotions and physical well-being -- and the scientific data to back it up. More significantly, in just a month, my pain decreased significantly, allowing me to resume activities like running, yoga, and tennis. Alec is an incredibly thoughtful person and super knowledgeable, exactly the combination you want for this type of work.

6 Pillars of a Pain Free Comeback

Countless individuals have not only become healthy and pain free, but also reduced mental pressure and achieved next-level performance thanks to the principles of the Pain Free Comeback Program. Those that embark on the transformational journey learn the below skills, which serve them in all walks of life.

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"I had seen 5 physical therapists, 3 doctors, received cortisone injections, and even got arthroscopic knee surgery, but my knee was still in pain. Now I am squatting 100 lbs no problem!"

Emily T.

Swimmer & Cyclist
San Francisco, CA

“When I had a conversation with Alec, I was suffering from knee pain for over two years, and was diagnosed with Runner’s Knee. I had seen 5 physical therapists, 3 doctors, received cortisone injections, and even got arthroscopic knee surgery, but was still in pain post-surgery. I wasn’t swimming, cycling, and was barely walking to manage flare-ups; I was even nervous to go into the office because it was too much walking.

After Alec introduced me to the idea that the ongoing pain may not be from a structural issue with my knee, but rather a learned response in my brain, my recovery was incredible. Within weeks, I went back to swimming, biking, hiking, and yoga, and even did a huge trip to Patagonia where I did a 5 day trek. Now I am squatting 100 lbs no problem! I really haven’t had knee pain for 9 months, aside from a single flare-up. I’m so grateful to have my life and hobbies back!”


Hi! I'm Alec.

And I was in constant pain just like you.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a ruptured spinal disc. It ended my promising cycling career, and I withdrew from college - partially bedridden, depressed, and on strong painkillers.


I tried every physical treatment I could find - none worked. 

My life changed when I discovered from a pioneering chronic pain doctor how the brain creates pain. 

I became pain free not by fixing my back, but by realizing nothing was wrong with it in the first place. 

I'm not special - tens of thousands of others have done the same.


Despite still having the same ruptured disc, I haven't had chronic back pain, or had to worry about my back, in over a decade. 

And using my Pain Free Comeback Methodology, I've empowered numerous athletes and chronic pain sufferers to create their own breakthroughs - without drugs, surgery, or physical treatments.


My mission is to change the way the world sees and treats chronic pain - from 'pain management' to 'pain free'.

Image by Frederik Löwer

Your pain free journey starts here.

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