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From Pain Management to Pain Free: Alec Kassin's Journey from Chronic Pain to Mind-Body Coaching

Discovering the Connection Between Emotions and Physical Pain

Catch our entire conversation on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple!

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of connecting with Einav Avni from Untangled Coaching on her podcast, Healing Conversations.

Einav is an award-winning confidence and empowerment coach and author who helps those with chronic pain and other physical issues tap into their body's natural healing capacity.

She's also a wonderful human who has personally coached me on my own journey, getting to the root of some deeper held beliefs and emotions, and I'm thrilled to share some excerpts from our conversation together.

You can watch the entire conversation below.

Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

Repressed Emotions Create Physical Pain: There's a deep connection between the onset of chronic pain and emotional turmoil.

The Role of Authenticity: The path to becoming pain free is also a journey toward greater authenticity and freedom.

The Power of Emotional Healing: While unaddressed emotions can have a hugely detrimental impact on physical health, holistic methods exist that can lead to healing.

Commitment and Transformation: Whatever you're doing - commit to the healing process. Your commitment paves the way for inner discovery and positive life transformations.

Hope! Finally, Einav and i discuss the essential ingredient of trusting in the process, having curiosity, and how this can lead to profound breakthroughs.

You can catch our entire conversation on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple.

If you're interested in Einav's work around energy healing, check out her website here.

Alec Kassin is a former semi-pro cyclist, former chronic back pain sufferer, and certified Breakthrough Chronic Pain Coach. He's the Co-Founder of Pain Free Comeback, a proven brain-focused recovery method for athletes and active people with chronic pain. He empowers clients to become pain free without drugs, surgery, or physical treatment.

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