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  • What are the benefits of your coaching program?
    My holistic coaching program empowers individuals not just to become chronic condition-free, but also make systemic change in their own lives. We’ll focus on developing self-awareness and breaking through limiting beliefs and repressed emotions so you can live an unrestricted and purposeful life again.
  • Who is coaching for?
    My coaching program is not for everyone. I look for individuals who are: ​ Open-Minded: To new ideas, and believe there’s hope. Active Players: Those who are committed to being an active player in their lives, not passive participants Willing to go deep: Change can be uncomfortable. But that’s where growth happens. Be willing to go deep - especially when it’s scary or uncomfortable. Committed - To do the work necessary to make deep, personal change. I can’t help you if you don’t do the work. Fun: This work can be fun, spontaneous and creative. I look for clients to bring an optimistic attitude. Not that everything is positive & awesome, but that it can and will get better.
  • Who is my coaching not for?
    If you fit into any of the below categories, my coaching is probably not for you: ​ Those who want to keep playing the victim card. Yes, we all do this on occasion. But if you refuse to take responsibility for your life, and simply believe you can’t change, then this program isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a procedure, pill, or physical treatment to cure you, this is not it. Coaching requires your active involvement, being comfortable with discomfort, in order to take control of your life. Those who are close-minded. If you aren’t open to the idea that something psychological can be causing your pain other than the physical diagnosis you’ve been given, then this isn't for you.
  • What does a coaching engagement look like?
    Each one of my coaching engagements is unique, driven by my client’s development needs, real-time challenges, and content from my holistic coaching framework. My coaching is on a monthly basis. We’ll generally meet weekly for an hour (except for a 90 minute intake session). Contrary to other practitioners like therapists or doctors, I can also be available by email, text and phone outside of scheduled coaching hours when the need arises. I typically start with two or three month engagements, with an option to extend.
  • How do I get in contact with you?
    Click here to get in contact
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