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To help you on your recovery journey

The Pain Free Comeback Program

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The only brain-focused recovery program for athletes with chronic pain. Become pain free, reduce mental pressure, and reach next-level performance.

Free Live Zoom Workshop

Along with fellow chronic pain coach Miriam Gauci Bongiovanni, we'll share the real cause driving most chronic pain, the neuroscience behind your symptoms, and provide strategies that deliver lasting relief.
Spots are limited for each session, so sign up now!


Alec's Free Guided Meditations

Check out my free meditations on Insight Timer, the world's #1 Free Meditation App. Filled with practical tools and wisdom to break free from chronic pain and feel good in your body.

Chronic Pain Questionnaire

Take the 60-second TMS Chronic Pain Questionnaire to find out whether you might have treatable chronic pain.

Podcasts, Interviews & Live Talks with Alec Kassin

Real Recovery Stories

Explore real stories of breakthrough and transformation

Educational Media

The original pioneering doctor who helped thousands.

Read their stories.

"On his living room table, he kept a thick scrapbook given to him by members of TMS Wiki, a support forum. In its pages, both patients and strangers wrote about experiencing years of pain before stumbling across Dr. Sarno’s writings; some posted recent photos of themselves running marathons and climbing mountains."

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Inspiring films about a mindbody approach to chronic pain. All highly recommended. 


These three books have helped countless sufferers become pain-free. 

The Mindbody Prescription

Dr. John Sarno

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Unlearn Your Pain 
Dr. Howard Schubiner

Unlearn Your Pain.jpg

Chronic Pain: Your Key to Recovery

Georgie Oldfield

Chronic Pain - Your Key to Recovery.jpg

The Way Out

Alan Gordon

The Way Out.jpg

The MindBody Workbook
Dr. David Schechter

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